Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Daisy Mae's for Kids at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Here's your chance to show some love to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. Starting today (3/17/15) take a picture at Daisy Mae's and post your photo to your Instagram account with the hashtag #DaisyMaesforkids. Every time you share, Children's Hospital will receive $.50. Promotion runs through 3/24/15. Let's see how much money we can donate for the kids!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

What's for Lunch?

Taste the World at Dean's Mediterranean Imports
My husband and I have operated our fresh produce stand at Cincinnati's historic Findlay Market for five years. Maybe it's because Daisy Mae's was in a prominent location near an entrance to the market house, but we became a sort of information booth for inquiring visitors. "Where's the restroom?" "Where can I get a cup of coffee?" "Who has a good bowl of soup?" After enough of those questions, I decided to start my Taste the World at Findlay Market food tours in 2012. My plan was to take the visitors by the hand and show them all that Findlay Market has to offer.

Since then, I have led hundreds of guests through Findlay Market during our tours, sharing delicious food samples and experiencing the fun of the market. Because our route may vary from tour to tour and the merchants love to get creative with their samples, each tour is slightly different. Of course, inquiring minds want to know, "What do we eat?" and "How much do we eat?"

Here's a brief description of what our guests enjoyed on yesterday's tour:

1. Seoul black rice with kimchi sweet potatoes from Fresh Table
2. Homemade Greek yogurt topped with honey and crushed pistachios, Barhi dates, Turkish figs, and cashews roasted in-house at Dean's Mediterranean Imports
3. Raspberry Black Tea from Churchill's Fine Teas
4. Thai vegetarian egg roll from Mimi's Gourmet Egg Rolls and Curry Bowls
5. Pumpkin bread pudding and curried chicken salad from Gramma Debbie's Kitchen
6. Handcrafted chocolates from Maverick Chocolate Co.

We tasted the world, and I know our guests were impressed with the variety of samples on yesterday's tour. Thanks to the merchants for creating another unforgettable experience. I think we inspired a new group of Findlay Market fans.