Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cincinnati Pride

Recently A.A. Gill wrote a piece for Vanity Fair about Kentucky's Creation Museum. In the article, Gill directly connected this tourist attraction to Cincinnati and claimed that it might be "the biggest thing the citizens of the 'Queen of the West' have to tell a tall tale about..." When he wrote that Cincinnatians have "meager pickings to boast about...," he stirred the ire of many a proud Cincinnati resident. Little did he know that he awoke the sleeping giants of the tweeting and blogging world. In a few minutes, links to the article flew around the internet and instantly Cincinnatians stepped up to defend their territory.
I began to reflect on the "meager pickings to boast about..." The world-class Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Pops. A "Top 10" Zoo. Corporate leaders like Procter and Gamble, GE Aviation, and Kroger. Historic architecture. Unique geography and neighborhoods. Restaurants as good as any in the world. Professional sports. Art Museums. Union Terminal. Oktoberfest. Opening Day. Tall Stacks. And, of course, Findlay Market.
Implying that Kentucky's Creation Museum is a reflection of Cincinnati is like saying that the Mars 2112 Sci-Fi Restaurant is a reflection of New York City. We know better.
Hey, Cincinnati...If someone wants to pick a fight, we've got your back.


  1. Positively LUDICROUS that any single museum was used to paint broad strokes of an entire region. I know VF has gone down the hill in recent years but this is a major shark jump.

    I take it VFair has never been to Music Hall (the building alone is gorgeous! Throw in music by Mozart or Smetana's The Moldau--heaven! Have they seen the Cincinnati skyline at Night; gone into any clubs for some of the fabulous food or bands? Heard local radio stations, regional foods (Ice cream, chili, pizza, beer?)

    Such a myopic view of anybody from the tri-state. Disappointment from such an established magazine.

  2. You go, girl! I love Cincinnati!!