Friday, April 27, 2012

Taste the World at Findlay Market

Today I had the privilege of leading a group of home school students and their parents on a food tour at Findlay Market. We started at Daisy Mae's where I explained that we carry local and seasonal fresh produce, but we also stock fresh fruits and vegetables from all over the world. The kids tasted something most of them had never tried: a Daikon radish. Then we shared some Strawberry-Mango Salsa made with a juicy Champagne Mango. From Daisy Mae's, we moved on to Dean's Mediterranean Imports, a cute little shop on the West Elder Street side of Findlay Market . We sampled several olive oils and learned about the different grades and origins of the oils. After we entered the Market House, we went to Gibbs Cheese and received a take-home sample that included several different cheeses. Next stop on the tour was Dojo Gelato where Michael explained the difference between gelato and ice cream. Everyone agreed that there was no comparison and the creative Dojo Gelato flavors were top-notch! We crossed the aisle to visit Colonel De's Gourmet Herbs & Spices next. Here, we inhaled the awesome aromas and were amazed by all the different spices. Our last stop was a beautiful shop on the north side of the Market House called Churchill's Fine Teas. Again, the aromas and varieties of teas were overwhelming, and the samples were delightful.
We'll be offering more Taste the World at Findlay Market Food Tours. Our next public tour will be Thursday, May 17 at 4 pm. If you're interested in joining us, contact Barb Cooper at

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leaning Into It

I just returned from a wonderful getaway that included visiting my dad and stepmother, spending 3 days with three of my best girlfriends, and a 24-hour power visit with my on-the-go son. It was the best of times, sharing quality time with family and friends. However, as often happens when on vacation, I ate too much junk food and didn't get enough exercise. But I have no regrets, and I have returned home with renewed nutrition and fitness inspiration from unexpected sources.
The first source of inspiration was my girlfriends. They talked of "leaning" into more healthy eating habits. These friends, who've shared way too many wings and nachos with me, were trumpeting the advantages of healthy, lean diets and demonstrating how easy kale is to steam and toss with balsamic vinegar. Yes, we WILL have kale at our house tomorrow as I lean into some new menus at home. Thanks, Veggie Gals!
The second source of inspiration was even more surprising. My twenty-something son, who ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast every day for the last 15 years, announced that he never eats cereal anymore. He's developed a new habit of starting the day with a homemade fruit smoothie. This guy, the one who has always found the path of least resistance to filling his stomach, now plans ahead enough to buy fresh fruit, set the alarm a little earlier, and whip up something healthy as his way to jump start the day. Obviously, there's a little more out there than Total each morning, and I just needed a wake-up call. Thanks, Matt.
Third and finally is my dad. He's still as sharp (and funny) as ever, and at the age of 87, he is almost over worrying about me. :-)  He and his wonderful wife make the most of each day, and each time I visit, they remind me that I should take time to smell the flowers. Now that I'm back in my routine, I'm determined to "change it up a little" by breaking some old habits and starting some new ones.  I figure if I do all I can, I can live a long and happy life like these dad and real inspiration.
Who's ready to lean with me?