Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fountain Square is Back!

Fountain Square has always been the focal point of downtown Cincinnati. For years, political gatherings, Reds celebrations, concerts, and festivals have all found a home on the Square. Everything seemed to function fine until a few years ago when someone decided we needed to move the historic fountain of Fountain Square. What? Why? How could someone decide to CHANGE something that was such a fixture?
Well, folks, if you haven't been to Fountain Square for a while, you need to get there to see how things work now. Yes, the fountain is in a different location, but everything works beautifully. The trees have grown up to shade tables and chairs, a huge video screen is available but unobtrusive, the walkways across the Square are practical, and parking is easy.
Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking it all in at the Tuesday Market on the Square. I was a guest of Cooking with Caitlin, and I got to experience the lunchtime environment on Fountain Square. People everywhere--eating lunch, socializing, exercising, watching the World Cup on the big screen...all in a relaxing, urban setting.
The Market on the Square continues throughout the summer on Tuesdays from 11-2. Burgers off the grill, lasagna, crepes, ribs, sandwiches, and smoothies are just a few of the lunch choices on a Tuesday. In addition, other local vendors offer fresh produce, craft items, and cookies. This is just one of many activities that take place daily on your Fountain Square. If you haven't visited lately, put it on your "summer bucket list."

Friday, June 25, 2010

A New Look

We've been working on making the Findlay Market stand more customer-friendly. This week we installed new display tables. Barry designed the tables specifically for the space we have and the needs of our customers...a perfect example of "form follows function." Not only are the plastic bins removable for storage, but they can also be arranged at different heights, with or without lids. We're still fine-tuning, but the early reviews are great.
In the meantime, look for the original tables "on the road." The wheeled carts will be used exclusively for our mobile produce stands. "Have veggies, will travel."

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I just spent 4 days in Florida helping my 85-year-old father deal with the outcome of a fender bender. Luckily, no one was seriously hurt, but his car had to be towed. We spent most of our time together dealing with the insurance adjuster, the doctor, the body shop, and the rental car company.
As I helped my dad get back to his normal routine, I had time to reflect on our relationship through the years. My dad has always been fun AND funny. Whether playing catch in the backyard, reading poetry to me on the couch, playing a round of golf, or telling stories about his Army days, he's always been great to be around. Sure, I've learned tons from him about owning a business, dealing with customers, prioritizing, and making ends meet, but the most important thing he taught me is that a little humor goes a long way.
So as a Father's Day tribute, it's time to say "Thanks, Dad." Thanks for teaching me not to take myself too seriously. Thanks, too, for all your encouragement along the way...especially with our Daisy Mae's Market venture. We couldn't have done it without you...Even if you do hate broccoli.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're Mobile, too!

With all this talk about street vendors and mobile food, I thought you should know that Daisy Mae's Market is getting on the bandwagon. Of course, we're firmly fixed at Findlay Market where we're open every day except Monday. We've also opened our Mini Mae's stand in Golf Manor on Friday afternoons. But yesterday we entered a whole new world by taking Daisy Mae's on the road for an Employee Appreciation Day at MediSync.
For this particular event, we laid the groundwork a few weeks ago by meeting with members of the Health & Wellness Committee. They began offering our Healthy Breaks and personal delivery service for their employees. The excitement started to build as people got to know us and our fresh fruits and vegetables. The final introduction was our "traveling produce market" that allowed the staff to meet us face-to-face and try a sample or two.
Barry and Jeff set up our yellow awning in the company parking lot and took a full range of fresh produce from our Findlay Market location. The weather cooperated, and MediSync encouraged their employees to shop during breaks and in small groups throughout the morning. Everyone was so thrilled to see such a variety of healthy foods available for purchase at their workplace.
Now wouldn't it be nice to see our traveling produce market at your location? We can come for Employee Appreciation events, church picnics, senior citizen meetings, and more. That's Daisy Mae's Market---providing easy access to the finest fresh produce in the Cincinnati.