Thursday, June 3, 2010

We're Mobile, too!

With all this talk about street vendors and mobile food, I thought you should know that Daisy Mae's Market is getting on the bandwagon. Of course, we're firmly fixed at Findlay Market where we're open every day except Monday. We've also opened our Mini Mae's stand in Golf Manor on Friday afternoons. But yesterday we entered a whole new world by taking Daisy Mae's on the road for an Employee Appreciation Day at MediSync.
For this particular event, we laid the groundwork a few weeks ago by meeting with members of the Health & Wellness Committee. They began offering our Healthy Breaks and personal delivery service for their employees. The excitement started to build as people got to know us and our fresh fruits and vegetables. The final introduction was our "traveling produce market" that allowed the staff to meet us face-to-face and try a sample or two.
Barry and Jeff set up our yellow awning in the company parking lot and took a full range of fresh produce from our Findlay Market location. The weather cooperated, and MediSync encouraged their employees to shop during breaks and in small groups throughout the morning. Everyone was so thrilled to see such a variety of healthy foods available for purchase at their workplace.
Now wouldn't it be nice to see our traveling produce market at your location? We can come for Employee Appreciation events, church picnics, senior citizen meetings, and more. That's Daisy Mae's Market---providing easy access to the finest fresh produce in the Cincinnati.

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