Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leaning Into It

I just returned from a wonderful getaway that included visiting my dad and stepmother, spending 3 days with three of my best girlfriends, and a 24-hour power visit with my on-the-go son. It was the best of times, sharing quality time with family and friends. However, as often happens when on vacation, I ate too much junk food and didn't get enough exercise. But I have no regrets, and I have returned home with renewed nutrition and fitness inspiration from unexpected sources.
The first source of inspiration was my girlfriends. They talked of "leaning" into more healthy eating habits. These friends, who've shared way too many wings and nachos with me, were trumpeting the advantages of healthy, lean diets and demonstrating how easy kale is to steam and toss with balsamic vinegar. Yes, we WILL have kale at our house tomorrow as I lean into some new menus at home. Thanks, Veggie Gals!
The second source of inspiration was even more surprising. My twenty-something son, who ate Frosted Flakes for breakfast every day for the last 15 years, announced that he never eats cereal anymore. He's developed a new habit of starting the day with a homemade fruit smoothie. This guy, the one who has always found the path of least resistance to filling his stomach, now plans ahead enough to buy fresh fruit, set the alarm a little earlier, and whip up something healthy as his way to jump start the day. Obviously, there's a little more out there than Total each morning, and I just needed a wake-up call. Thanks, Matt.
Third and finally is my dad. He's still as sharp (and funny) as ever, and at the age of 87, he is almost over worrying about me. :-)  He and his wonderful wife make the most of each day, and each time I visit, they remind me that I should take time to smell the flowers. Now that I'm back in my routine, I'm determined to "change it up a little" by breaking some old habits and starting some new ones.  I figure if I do all I can, I can live a long and happy life like these two...my dad and stepmother...my real inspiration.
Who's ready to lean with me?


  1. You know I am leaning! We all need to do it....for our family, friends and ourselves! Another great entry by Daisy Mae! your I-Pal

  2. You're right, Anonymous. I'm definitely not ready to plunge in with both feet...I still love my wings and nachos. You know my motto: Everything in moderation (with a little leaning when appropriate!)