Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where's the Streetcar When I Need It?

So today I headed to Fountain Square for the Strauss & Troy Market on the Square. I was planning to join the crew from Cooking with Caitlin to share some fun and promote our fresh produce from Findlay Market. Unfortunately, it was raining so it wasn't the best of days for the Square. Nevertheless, I thought I'd breeze downtown, pull into the Fountain Square garage, and be with Caitlin, Molly, and Kelly in just a few minutes. Little did I know that as I rounded 5th onto Vine, I'd see the FULL sign at the Fountain Square garage. It was 11:00 am on a lousy, rainy day. How could the garage be FULL?
I pulled in anyhow and went to the automatic gate, pushed the button for the ticket, and waited for the gate to rise. Surely someone had vacated a spot and I'd just pull in...But, nooooooo. The gate didn't open, and I had to back up. I left the garage and continued on down Vine only to find several other FULL signs greeting me. After circling a few blocks, I finally ended up in a surface lot that was unattended. I needed to get out in the rain with my umbrella, decipher the instructions on the cash box, fiddle for my money, take a receipt, return to my car and leave the receipt on the dash, and then walk the 3 blocks to the Square. Not exactly visitor-friendly...
For my $5, I got to spend exactly 1 hour at Fountain Square. Sure would have been nice to park at Findlay Market, pay a buck or two to ride the streetcar to Fountain Square, relax and enjoy the lunch hour, and return when I was good and ready. Hmmmm. Seems like the streetcar might be a good thing to go not only TO Findlay Market, but also FROM Findlay Market. Never thought of that.

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