Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Open Casting Call!

From time to time, professional photographers ask us if they can shoot video or still photos at Daisy Mae's Market at Findlay Market. Of course, we're always flattered and usually eager to help out. I'm amazed how many amateur photographers also visit our stand and aim to snap a picture of our produce. Tourists, students, photojournalists, and those with smartphones have been click, click, clicking at Daisy Mae's since we opened. A little surprising, yes...But also easy to see that Findlay Market and our bounty of fruits and vegetables make the perfect backdrop for that special shot.
Today, by coincidence, we had 2 professional photographers "on location." I watched as they set up umbrellas for lighting, laptops for editing, and tripods for shooting. In one case, a model carried a colorful bag overflowing with grapes and asparagus as she posed for a shot while shopping. We did our best to coax the veggies into smiling, and I have to think that the photographers left with the desired results.
You don't have to be a professional, however, to take great pictures of our produce. In fact, we're putting out an open casting call right now to see which of our fresh fruits or veggies makes the best model. Bring your camera or smartphone on your next trip to Daisy Mae's Market. Take a picture and post on the wall of the Daisy Mae's Market Facebook page. Don't be intimidated; you don't have to be a pro. We'll even give bonus points for creativity! We'll pick the best of the photos, and the winner will receive a $15 Daisy Mae's Market gift certificate. Contest starts tomorrow (4/13/11) and photos must be posted by Sunday (4/17/11) at 6:00 pm. Winner will be notified via Facebook on Sunday night.
Go ahead...Take your best shot!  

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