Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's So Fun About Findlay Market?

I've finally figured it out...At least I've figured out one of the reasons that Findlay Market is so much fun. Everyone knows the food at Findlay Market is fun. But it's not just shopping for food that's fun. It's eating the food that's available at Findlay Market. And it's not just sitting down at a table to eat...It's WALKING AROUND WHILE YOU EAT!
Yes, that's a huge difference between a big-box grocery store and Findlay Market. When I go to Kroger, I go with a purpose. I'm in and out as quickly as I can go...And even if I wanted to carry a sandwich around while I shopped, I'm pretty sure they'd frown on that.
But at Findlay Market, things are different. Last weekend I began to pay attention to what shoppers were eating as they made their selections at Daisy Mae's Market. I started noticing why they were juggling with their purses or struggling to take a bag because their hands were full...They were EATING. They were EATING AND SHOPPING at the same time! Good or bad, it's the ultimate example of American drive-through, multi-tasking mentality.
Here are a few of my recent observations:
1. Early morning shoppers often have coffee...maybe from Dojo Gelato or Bean Haus.
2. Around mid-morning, you see pastries or bread from Skirtz & Johnston or waffles from Taste of Belgium.
3. Once lunchtime rolls around, shoppers may have gyros from Areti's, mac and cheese from Gramma Debbie's Kitchen, a Banh Mi from Pho Lang Thang, or a fresh burger from Eckerlin's grill.
4. During the afternoon, the eating continues with cheese from Gibbs, roasted nuts from Dean's Mediterranean Imports, soup from Frank's Fish & Seafood, or salad from Fresh Table.
5. And, of course, you'll see kids of all ages eating apples, candy, popcorn, cookies, and ice cream at all times of the day.
So I suggest the next time you're hungry, come to Findlay Market. And if you'd really rather not walk and eat, there are some great places to sit down and enjoy watching everyone else!


  1. Awesome seeing you last Saturday and I agree 100%
    It seems to me the more prepared food there is at Findlay the more people show up there. Our new Saturday routine includes breakfast and coffee from Skirtz and Johnston or another stand and sometimes an espresso from Dojo.
    Have you noticed how the crowd on the south side of the market has been growing this summer too?
    Exciting stuff to see.

  2. Yes! We really have noticed an increase in traffic on the south side...and also on our Race St. end. I think people have figured out that they need to make a complete loop of the outside and the inside of the market house so that they don't miss anything!
    Thanks for stopping by last weekend. Hope to see you again soon.

  3. I think that there's also a social aspect of market day that's a lot of fun. I often do my grocery shopping at Findlay Market on a weekday, and it's a whole different vibe on market day. If you hang around long enough, you're just about guaranteed to see people you know. And there are fascinating people having fascinating conversations you can eavesdrop on, and beautiful people to admire, and someone next to you knows a recipe you've never heard before. The crowds of people who are all very different from each other but all care about good food are part of the appeal.

    And also walking around eating.

  4. we went to FM for the first time last Saturday. We were very disappointed in the anti-kid attitude of many of our fellow shoppers. We heard many snide remarks about having a stroller (hard not to with 2 two year olds). And when they whimpered because it was so warm, well that just added to the attitude of others. We will stick with the Loveland Farmers Market since it is much closer to home and more friendly.

  5. Sorry about your experience, Bobbi. Saturday's can be pretty crazy crowded...especially inside the market house. You can be assured that we're VERY KID-FRIENDLY at Daisy Mae's...I hope you give Findlay Market another try...Don't let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch!