Wednesday, January 18, 2012

12 Weeks of Healthy Food: The Carrot

What's up, Doc? Maybe nothing's up with the Doc if you've been eating your carrots. Yes, carrots are the featured item for Week 3 of our 12 Weeks of Healthy Food. Bugs Bunny loves 'em and so do we!
Carrots are high in Vitamin A and also a good source of Vitamins K and C, dietary fiber, and potassium. Just like Mom said, carrots really can help you see better. The beta-carotene gives them their color and also helps convert Vitamin A in the body to improve vision...especially at night. Carrots are also an antioxidant, and numerous studies show that carrots reduce the risk of certain cancers. In one study, one carrot per day cut the lung cancer rate in half. Now I'm not saying that carrots are a cure for cancer, but I certainly don't see anything harmful in eating a few carrots each day.
Raw carrots are great for snacking or in salads. But did you know by cooking carrots you increase the nutritional benefits? Cooking breaks down the cellular nature of the carrot so the body can absorb the nutrients better. So if you're looking to cook up a carrot dish tonight, here's a delicious recipe for Glazed Carrots that I recommend. Stop by Daisy Mae's Market at Findlay Market this week (1/17/12-1/20/12) and receive a free 1 lb. bag of carrots with your $15 purchase.
That's all, folks!

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