Sunday, October 6, 2013

The High Price of Honeycrisp Apples

I was floored when I read an article recently that mentioned that Honeycrisp apples were selling for $4.50 per pound in New York. Sure, they're delicious and seem to satisfy the pickiest apple-eater, but $4.50 a pound? Isn't that a little much? The writer went on to explain that Honeycrisp is a "designer apple" and the law of supply and demand has driven the price up.
At Daisy Mae's in Cincinnati, Ohio, Honeycrisp apples currently sell for $2 per pound. Yes, they are our most expensive apple, but that's because we pay a higher price to our supplier than we do for any other variety of apple. The popularity of the Honeycrisp has increased quicker than the trees can produce the fruit. For the teachers out there, an analysis of the price of the Honeycrisp in relation to its popularity  might be a perfect assignment for a basic economics class.
While I love a good Honeycrisp, I also enjoy many of the other varieties of apples such as Northern Spy, Mutsu, and Liberty. We're in the midst of one of the best apple crops in a long time so I hope you get out there and try a few. No matter the price, money spent on an apple is money well spent.

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