Monday, March 17, 2014

Slow and Steady Path to Local Produce

When the last of the snow melts and the first of the green grass peeks through, some of our customers start asking about local produce. As much as we'd love to offer local produce year-round, that's next-to-impossible in Ohio. We're still several months away from featuring the early local greens, asparagus, and rhubarb, but we continue to offer those items and more as they're shipped in from our suppliers in the South.
However, we are excited to announce that we're working with several farms to bring local produce to Findlay Market as soon as possible. Our friends at Kruthaup Family Farm in Morrow, Ohio, will be one of our featured farms this summer and fall. They're growing produce specifically for us so we are as anxious as you are to see those first seedlings pop up. In the meantime, you'll understand more about the labor of love that goes into local farming by following the Kruthaup Family Farm Facebook page.
Be patient, and put in a good word for plenty of sun and just the right amount of rain. We'll all be enjoying fresh, local produce in just a matter of time.

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