Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm No Martha Stewart, but...

The pressure is on. Sunday, April 27 is the annual 1 Night 12 Kitchens Fundraiser to support scholarships for students at the Midwest Culinary Institute. This event features professional chefs and gourmet food from many of Cincinnati's finest restaurants. Students are also involved, and the extravaganza is truly a showcase of both culinary skills and creativity.
My husband and I have attended the event in the past to taste the samples and mingle with other guests. This year, however, we are answering the call to be among some of the Findlay Market merchants who will provide samples in a special VIP tasting room. We wanted to prepare something healthy, light, fairly simple, and representative of Daisy Mae's. Yet, it needed to be attractive and easy to eat in a cocktail setting. With the help of Pinterest and Martha Stewart, I think I've found the perfect dish--baguettes with veggie sticks.
What do you think? Wouldn't this be great for a bridal shower, happy hour gathering, or buffet?

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