Saturday, May 9, 2009

Field Trip

I made a visit to Findlay Market today. With the nice weather and Mother's Day tomorrow, I wasn't the only one who decided to go. Cars and people everywhere...Lots of folks were buying annuals and potted plants, but the vegetable stands were really busy as well. I was checking out things like signage and price tags, displays, arrangement of items, banners, etc. Took a few pictures so I'd have something to jog my memory later. Found out they sell the reusable grocery bags for $4.99 each. Quite a few folks did bring along their own bags---the "green" movement is alive and well. Lots of people were having sandwiches at the tables along the sidewalk. An outside grill had $1 hot dogs and drinks among other things. Several musicians played throughout the market and that gave it a real festive feel. The beer garden was open and most of those tables were taken, too. 

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