Saturday, May 30, 2009

Quantum leap

A lot happened in the last 24 hours. They built 6 handcarts at Kin Products! Barry went over to see them this morning and couldn't believe how wonderful they were...1st class all the way and exactly to the specs to fit the trailer. 
Barry and I went to Traders' World today for a preview. We only saw one produce vendor. We spent lots of time watching the steady traffic to his tables. We made notes of prices and products, and talked to several other vendors to get the feel for the procedures. On the way home, we stopped at Sam's and bought 4 table umbrellas and some safety floor mats. When we got home, Jeff came by with the money from the Findlay vendors, and we spent another hour "gushing" about the handcarts, the umbrellas, and the possibilities for the future. If Jack is able to get the trailer rigged up, Barry and Jeff are going to try to open up at the flea market in a week or two. 

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