Saturday, January 30, 2010

1st Quarter Grades Are In!

I'm a former teacher who can't help evaluating things with grades. Daisy Mae's Market has been open 3 months at Findlay Market so it seems appropriate to do a little review. Here are our 1st quarter grades:

Marketing 101 B
Teacher Comment: You're off to a good start. Hope to see you add new media to your approach in the near future.

Economics 101 A-
Teacher Comment: You seem to have solid understanding of cash flow. Concentrate on supply-chain logistics.

Local History and Culture 101 B
Teacher Comment: Don't underestimate how history and culture connect to your other subjects.

Political Science 101 C+
Teacher Comment: Continue to work hard to understand the political climate and its effect on economic conditions.

Botany 101 B
Teacher Comment: Build on your strong foundation. Don't be afraid to explore different fruits and vegetables and their uses.

Thanks to our fellow Findlay Market merchants and all of our social media friends for tutoring us during this first quarter. We've still got a long way to go before we earn "Straight A's," but I'm confident we can stay on the path to success.

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