Saturday, January 2, 2010

Food Trends for 2010

As we head into the new year, I seem to be inundated with messages, posts, blogs, and articles predicting what will be "hot" in 2010. Every expert has an idea as to what will be the next fad in fashion, music, technology, or some other aspect of our society. While I certainly don't pretend to be an expert, I have done enough reading to see that there is a general consensus about what will be "hot" in the food world in the coming year.
The recurring theme is locally grown produce. 1800 professional chefs surveyed by the National Restaurant Association voted local produce the hottest trend for 2010 ("What's Hot in 2010 Chef Survey"). Not only is produce often a good economic choice, but its versatility and nutritional value make it easy to understand how fresh local produce reached the top of the survey. Society's interests in health and sustainability have been supported by television cooking programs and websites online featuring fruits and vegetables and making it easy to combine good eating with good nutrition.
A close second in hot food trends according to The Packer is a return to "classically simple" and traditional "comfort food." As we eat at home more often these days, we're recalling more of the meals that mom or grandma used to make. Along with the comfort of the food itself, we remember the comfort of gathering around the table for a family meal. With this renewed interest in food as a family connector, it's no wonder that old-fashioned, authentic preparation of food is poised for a comeback.
The other items on the list of food trends for 2010 include things like farm-branded food, gluten-free and allergy-conscious foods, nutritious kids' meals and more. If you like to cook, eat, or just enjoy keeping up with trends, check out the entire list here. It's "Food for Thought."

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