Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Patience is the Key to Ohio Produce

Spring is in the air, Findlay Market crowds are picking up, and customers are anxious for "locally grown" produce. We're still several months away from peak summer months when we focus on "homegrown." Yet we will soon begin to see the earliest harvests of Ohio seasonal fruits and vegetables such as rhubarb, greens and lettuce, chard, asparagus, and peas.
Yet, because of our country's great transportation network, we can enjoy "locally grown" produce at all times of the year in Ohio. What's "local" in one region can be shared with other regions. We are currently enjoying "locally grown" Florida navel oranges. We can offer "locally grown" grapefruit and lemons from California, Texas, Florida, and Arizona from January until early summer. "Locally grown" strawberries from California and Florida will peak between April and June. And thanks to modern day logistics systems, even homegrown sweet corn and tomatoes can be picked in Florida one day and will be on the shelves in Ohio the next day.
So while we patiently wait in Ohio for summer harvest of our local favorites, enjoy someone else's local produce. It arrives fast and fresh and is guaranteed to satisfy you as you wait for Ohio's own homegrown fruits and vegetables.

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