Thursday, August 26, 2010

Calling All Cooks!

In the last week, we've doubled the size of Daisy Mae's Market at Findlay Market. We now occupy the space on both sides of the Race Street entrance to the market house. You'll recognize our display tables, rainbow umbrellas, our smiling faces, and fresh produce, but you'll also see that we're introducing some new items at Daisy Mae's. Whether you cook for fun or you take it as seriously as the Iron Chef, we'll have more specialty items to spice up your recipes. You'll see fresh produce from near and far. You'll find ingredients for cooking your favorite international dishes as well as things you need for that good, old-fashioned homemade soup. We'll experiment with different items in the next few weeks to see what's popular with you, our customers. If there's something you'd love for us to carry, just let us know.

Here's a list of some of the items you'll see this weekend at Daisy Mae's:
Diakon Radishes
Bok Choy
Snow Peas
Lemon Grass
Sugar Cane Batons
Cactus Leaves
Dried Peppers
Yucca Root
Purple Yams
Meyer Lemons
Bunch Radishes, Beets, and Parsnips
Bean Sprouts
Thai Basil
Asian Pears
Ugli Fruit

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