Thursday, September 9, 2010

Are You a DaisyMaeologist?

It's always fun when someone surprises me with a picture or a recipe of something they've whipped up with Daisy Mae's fresh produce. Our friend Tom recently did just that.
Tom is originally from Germany, but has lived in the U.S. for the last 6 years. I've become very good friends with him, both in real life and on Facebook. I tease Tom that he's quite the Renaissance man...but it's true. He can talk carpentry, software, politics, or home-brew with equal ease...and, in fluent English, no less!
A few days ago Tom posted the attached picture on his Facebook page. He had taken a study break for a "brain-food-veggie-snack." It looked like a lot more than a snack to me, but I loved the photo and the accompanying description of "green beans sauteed, carrots with french onions in butter, garlic, and lemon, topped with manchego and cherry tomatoes..." It's part of his "secret yummy nom nom place." So without really thinking, I called him "my favorite DaisyMaeologist."
Thus, I've coined a new term...DaisyMaeologist: One who makes creative things with our stuff. If you think food is fun, and you like to create dishes with Daisy Mae's fresh produce, you're a DaisyMaeologist. Maybe it's an old family recipe that just works well with our fresh veggies, or maybe it's a new combination you're trying for the first time...maybe it's even just cut up fruit in a bowl that looks pretty before everyone digs into it...However the culinary spirit moves you, if you're using Daisy Mae's fresh produce and enjoying the preparation and presentation, you're a DaisyMaeologist.
We're looking forward to meeting more of the DaisyMaeologists out there...We'd love to see a picture or hear about your creations. And from time to time, we'll even offer special deals just for you. So in honor of my new word, today (9/9/10), 10% off at Daisy Mae's Market at Findlay Market if you say you're a DaisyMaeologist!

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