Monday, June 15, 2009

Severe Weather Drill

Yesterday we got our first taste of nasty weather at the market. Things were going along smoothly until mid-afternoon when the clouds started to move in. We could see it coming, and some of the vendors started scurrying to put their stuff away. We put a few things in the trailer and then started to consolidate the things on the carts. That way we could close gradually rather than all at once. Quite a few people stopped to buy some of our produce as they headed to their cars, too. Once the rain really started, Barry rolled the carts into the trailer in just a few minutes and everything was out of the weather.
Earlier in the day, one vendor showed serious interest in buying one of our "Lazy Daisy Handcarts." He sells sunglasses, and if he had to hustle to put everything away in the storm, he'll probably be calling about our clever cart that he can roll fully-loaded into his vehicle.

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