Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Findlay Market Meeting

Yesterday Barry and Jeff met with the management at Findlay Market. The Market has been trying to find another produce vendor for several weeks. After going full circle with several suburban locations---and telling people we wanted to be a "Findlay Market North," we've decided maybe the REAL Findlay Market is where we need to be. The reputation and customer base are already established, and the best part is that THEY want US.
Barry spent a big part of the day after the meeting investigating the food stamp program. Food stamps are a huge part of business at Findlay Market. You need the actual machine to process the food stamps, and the machine requires telephone service. However, Findlay Market has wireless internet a wireless food stamp machine is also a possibility.
Jeff checked out heaters and tents yesterday as well. There are some logistics issues as far as loading and unloading, and we'll need to have electric service for lighting. Lots to think about...
And today I'll be checking on insurance. Stay tuned.

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