Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Parish Produce Program

We are expanding our mobile produce service. We have designed a program where non-profit groups, initially churches, can set up and operate their own produce markets. Here's how it works: The church pre-orders fruits and vegetables by the case. We deliver the order at a pre-arranged time. The church decides pricing and hours of operation, and arranges for volunteers to man the market.
Since we have fresh fruits and vegetables available year-round, the market can be open at whatever times work best for the particular organization. Most churches arrange delivery so that produce can be sold to parishioners following the weekly service. Youth groups, choirs, or other subgroups within the church share responsibility for set-up, sales, and take-down. Some items are seasonal so availability and pricing are posted weekly on our website at www.daisymaesmarket.com.
Each church has the option to expand its produce market to the local neighborhood as part of a community outreach program. Churches also have the option of donating any leftovers to a local food pantry.
The best part is the profit potential. For example, if a group purchases a 25 lb. case of tomatoes from Daisy Mae's Market for $15, they may then sell the tomatoes for $1/lb. and realize a profit of $10 per case. Most items have a profit potential of 40-50% so if 200 parishioners spend $7 each per week at the market, there is a potential to earn about $700 per week for your organization's fundraising needs.
Everyone loves fresh produce, and we've found parishioners love the idea of shopping "on location" after church. The secret is to be consistent. Once your customers realize you offer FRESH produce on a regular basis, your profits will grow.
It's a win-win-win situation for everyone. Healthy foods, fundraising, outreach all in one!

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