Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Findlay Market Myths

We continue to be surprised by all the misconceptions about Findlay Market. Here are the Top Myths that seem to circulate:
1. Findlay Market is hard to find or too far.
From most Greater Cincinnati suburbs, you can get to Findlay Market in 20-30 minutes. Check out the map showing easy access from I-71 and I-75.
2. Parking is a pain once you're there.
There are 3 FREE Findlay Market parking lots and over 400 parking spaces within one block. The main Findlay Market lot connects directly to the Market House via a covered walkway that opens into a unique courtyard area. The Findlay Market information office and several specialty shops surround this courtyard marked by benches, tables, and street entertainers.
3. It's dangerous. Findlay Market has two full-time uniformed "beat cops" assigned by the City of Cincinnati Police. These friendly, helpful police officers walk the market and are available to answer questions or help with any problems. In addition, other officers on bicycles or on patrol in the neighborhood are frequent sights. Findlay Market traffic attendants also help monitor the parking areas.
4. Panhandlers are everywhere. The Corporation for Findlay Market has a strict policy prohibiting panhandling at the Market. Anyone caught panhandling is reported to the authorities immediately.
5. There are a lot of "strange" people at Findlay Market. It's true that you will see people of every color, age, nationality, and socioeconomic background at Findlay Market...but isn't that a GOOD thing?

And last but not least, the biggest myth about Findlay Market is: It's only open on Saturday morning. That was probably true years ago when the market existed solely so that farmers could bring goods to sell on Saturday. If you didn't get there early, the farmers had sold everything and gone home.

Today Findlay Market is open Tuesday-Sunday year-round
. (Yes, that's every day except Monday.) It's possible to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, bread, pastries, gelato, waffles, prepared meals, tea, coffee, wine, and gifts from 9:00 am-6:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 am-6:00 pm on Saturday, and 10:00 am-4:00 pm on Sunday. Plan to come for lunch or a snack and plan to spend a few hours.

Help be a market myth-buster and spread the word about all the good things at Findlay Market.


  1. Yea!!

    I reposted this at our blog:

    Thanks for writing it up!

  2. Nice Post. It is a shame that the Corporation has not done more to promote the hours of operation and bust those myths.

    It so nice to see new vendors with the energy to want to change things and challenge the status quo. Great job and good luck with your business.

  3. The market also has really nice public restroom facilities, which are housed in an adjacent building.

  4. Coleman--Thanks for pointing out the restrooms. They ARE nice!

  5. There are restrooms?! I had no idea!

  6. Yes, restrooms are actually in the Information Center. A few signs would go a long way, wouldn't they?