Thursday, December 17, 2009

Keys to Success at Findlay Market

Maybe you heard yesterday about the announcement that the "Big Piano Gig" is coming to Cincinnati. In August, 2010, Cincinnati Public Radio will present Play Me, I'm Yours by Luke Jerram in celebration of the 50th anniversary of 90.9 WGUC, the 40th Anniversary of 91.7 WVXU and the 60th Anniversary of 88.5. Jerram will install painted pianos throughout the Cincinnati area for anyone to discover and play. 
We were in Chicago in 1999 when we stumbled upon "Cows on Parade." On every street corner, there seemed to be a colorful painted cow that presented a perfect "Kodak moment." Cincinnati responded in 2000 with our own "Big Pig Gig." You may remember how the community was overrun with pig-themed events and activities, and tourists actually came to town especially to see the painted pigs. 
2010 will be our turn to combine art and music with Play Me, I'm Yours. Long considered a hotbed of jazz, pop, and classical music, Cincinnati will have its chance to shine on the world stage  with pianos on display. Not only can visitors enjoy the artwork on the pianos, but they can also play or listen as others perform. 
Findlay Market would be a terrific location for one of the Play Me, I'm Yours pianos. I can imagine tourists and native Cincinnatians gathered around a piano right alongside our fresh produce stand. As people come and go in the bustle of the market, they'd pause for a moment to listen, exchange greetings, or maybe even play a duet with the performer. What better way to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together...Hmmmm...Pianos: Keys to Findlay Market Success. 


  1. Barb, you have hit an upbeat 'chord' with your produce stand, your 'we-think-we-can-do-this' approach to everything, your ambitious blog and social media efforts. You've added the 'sound' of 'harmony' in the Findlay Market family. Thank you for all you are doing.

    And.... yes, please, let's put one of the Play Me, I'm Yours pianos in Findlay Market.

  2. That's music to my ears! Thanks for making my day.