Friday, October 8, 2010

Hispanic Heritage Week

It's Hispanic Heritage Week at Daisy Mae's Market. We are featuring many of your favorites like tomatoes and avocados, but we also have some items that may be new to you. Tomatillos, chayote squash (cho chos), cactus leaves, and jicama are just a few specialty items waiting to meet you. It's been fun sharing samples and recipes. One woman warned us that she was from New Mexico and knew good fresh salsa when she tasted it...When she sampled ours, she gave it her "seal of approval!" Several other visitors turned their noses up at our chayote soup samples, but most who tried it picked up a couple cho chos and a recipe and went home to try something new.
Hispanic Heritage Week will continue through Sunday at Daisy Mae's. Look for the colorful flags and rainbow umbrellas  decorating our stands at the Race Street end of Findlay Market. We're waiting to meet you to hear about your own ways of preparing and cooking Hispanic favorites. After all, food is fun...whether it's something traditional or something new...and it's more fun when you share it with friends and family!

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