Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I was looking back at some of my old posts and saw that a year ago I was writing about the wonders of Twitter. A post from October 2009 focused on how I had become acquainted with Findlay Market merchants Josh @worldfoodbar, Jean-Francois @tasteofbelgium, and Michael @dojogelato...all via Google and Twitter.
A year later, I continue to be impressed by the power of Twitter. Just yesterday, Mr. Daisy Mae ran into someone on an elevator while making a delivery. When he told them he was with Daisy Mae's, the woman immediately replied, "Oh, sure...I follow you on Twitter." You'd be surprised how often that happens or how often someone makes a reference to a specific tweet.
Reflecting on those first three Findlay Market merchants that I met, I wonder how much Twitter has helped them grow their businesses...Josh now operates a restaurant called Mayberry and will soon open a small grocery store in addition to his Findlay Market World Food Bar. Jean-Francois seems to be everywhere with his waffles, crepes, and more...including his most recent expansion at the Wexner Center in Columbus. And, Michael has nothing short of a legion of dojomaniacs who make pilgrimages to Findlay Market and follow his DojoGelato cart around like 8-year-olds follow an ice cream truck. I have to believe the growth of these businesses can be partly attributed to the use of social media. The connections made not only between company and customer, but also between businesses have surely contributed to rapid expansion.
I'm amazed has 700 followers and keeps growing. I hope our use of Twitter is valuable and somewhat entertaining for those followers. I also hope our use of Twitter allows Daisy Mae's to grow like the businesses of my first three Twitter acquaintances. Twitter is quick, targeted, and perfect for busy entrepreneurs like us. A tip of Daisy Mae's hat to Josh, Jean-Francois, and Michael for showing us how twitterific social media can be. Here's to continued success for all of us, and I'll tweet ya later...

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