Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The French have Mirepoix---the culinary combination of onions, carrots, and celery that is used as the basis for so many delicious stews, soups, and sauces. Some people call it the "Holy Trinity" of cooking. Now, in celebration of German Heritage Week at Daisy Mae's Market, I'd like you to meet the German version...Suppengrün.
Suppengrün means "soup greens" and generally consists of leeks, carrots, and celery root. Like mirepoix, this German threesome is often used like herbs to impart strong, hearty flavors in soups and sauces. The Germans keep these cold climate roots on hand because of their long shelf life and because they adapt so easily to many traditional recipes. It's common to find the trio sold together in a small bunch...sometimes the bunch also includes parsley, onions, or even thyme. The suppengrün may be boiled to make a stock, or it may be chopped and browned or pureed for a sauce.
This week at Findlay Market we will have baskets of suppengrün ready for you. It seems like a good time to try a new recipe for soup or sauce...and what better way to start than with this touch of Germany.
Auf Wiedersehen bis morgen!

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  1. We are amazed by the depth of culinary expertise, and we look forward to find recipes from other parts of the world for example India, Scandinavia or Russia: Tikka Masala, Yellow Pea Soup and Borcht.