Monday, November 1, 2010

Fun at the Fall Food Festival

We had a great time at the Fall Food Festival yesterday. Findlay Market was a beehive of activity with food presentations, musicians, dancers, and kids' Halloween activities all sponsored by the Findlay Market Business Association. Daisy Mae's was so tickled to host Anna and Milovan, a terrific father/daughter duo. While they entertained us, the trio from Cooking with Caitlin offered samples of two of Caitlin's favorite dishes. Meanwhile, the kids ran their parents ragged throughout the market searching for Halloween "things" during the I Spy Hunt. Thank goodness, Bridgett, from 365 Cincinnati was there to help me hold down the fort and pass out the prizes for that!
We really enjoyed talking with some folks who were new to Findlay Market, but it was also fun to see family and friends in a different kind of setting. The Findlay Market Business Association is hoping to make the Fall Food Festival an annual event. In addition, we hope to present more special activities throughout the year at Daisy Mae's so that as many folks as possible realize that Findlay Market is more than just a place to shop...It's also a wonderful place to eat, meet new friends, see great entertainment, and experience one of our country's most historic urban markets.
Thanks again to all who stopped by yesterday!

For those of you who were asking, here are the links to Caitlin's culinary creations from yesterday: (a version of what she drizzled on the sweet potato fries)

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