Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Be Thankful for Findlay Market

If you like traffic, parking headaches, and long lines, don't read today's post. If, however, you like one-stop shopping, continue on...
We just ordered our fresh turkey for Thanksgiving from Busch's Country Corner at Findlay Market, and that got me thinking about how I really can get everything I need for the holiday right here at the market. Think about it...park your car once and shop 'til you drop (or at least until you have everything on your list.)
First you'll need to do a little decorating...maybe a centerpiece or candles or another holiday craft. All are available at Findlay Market. Next, you'll need a few appetizers...maybe some boiled shrimp or special cheese--lots of choices. Along with the turkey, you'll need fresh produce, and ALL of your favorite produce is available at Daisy Mae's Market. You'll also need bread or rolls...plenty of options in that department. Of course, you'll need to pick up a bottle of wine...easy. And what about dessert? You'll have a tough time choosing between pies, cakes, gelato, and other sweet treats when it comes to dessert from Findlay Market.
But what if cooking a huge meal isn't exactly your cup of tea? You can order fully prepared meals and leave the cooking to someone else...or just pick up a few prepared side dishes so that you can concentrate on the main course. Yes, you can do all of this at Findlay Market. Why would you go anywhere else?

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