Friday, November 12, 2010

Fighting Misperceptions

So I pick up the Cincinnati Enquirer today, and I see "Man Killed Near Findlay Market." I check out and there's the headline again. I turn on the radio, and the same thing is repeated on WLW news. I'm sure it was on other local media as well. I don't get it.
The shooting in Over-the-Rhine yesterday did not involve Findlay Market. It did not occur on the Findlay Market premises. Why didn't the headline say "Man Killed in Over-the-Rhine" or "Man Killed on Green Street?" Or better yet, "Another Drug Deal Turns Deadly."
This morning another robbery and shooting took place in Price Hill. posted an article detailing the crime but making no mention that it took place "near Kroger." I guess "Near Findlay Market" is more sensational than "Near Kroger." 
It bothers me that Findlay Market is often perceived as a dangerous place. It bothers me even more that our hometown newspaper contributes to this misperception by publishing an irrelevant headline. Someone is missing the big picture...Findlay Market is a vibrant urban market that thousands of locals and tourists visit each year. They come for the history, the food, the atmosphere, the entertainment, and the fun. I really doubt if they would come if it was "dangerous." Findlay Market is no more dangerous than Kroger. Drug deals, however, that's another story...


  1. What really makes me mad are the meth labs and Mexican gang problems in the suburbs, when they get mentioned at all get glossed over and they move on. Next story about a lady shot but not killed in OTR drags on for 5 minutes.
    People in the burbs want to hear how dangerous Cincinnati is so they feel better about where they live and the media panders to them.

  2. I think you're onto something, 5chw4r7z...Thanks for commenting.

  3. I fully agree with 5chw4r7z. I was watching a news one night and they mentioned 1 incident that happened downtown and had a survey for people to call in on if they thought downtown was safe. Right after that they talked about 3+ murders in Price Hill, but did not have a survey about the safety of that.