Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Bad Apple Won't Spoil the Whole Bunch

An Open Letter to the Creep Who Stole Our Cash Box:
Thanks for ruining our day. It was unfortunate that our staff member was engaged with a customer and turned his back for an instant. We're not worried about the money. In fact, we hope you use the money for a nice Thanksgiving with your family and some Christmas gifts for the kids. We know we can earn the money back by working harder and longer.
What will take a little longer to earn back is our trust. Now we'll have to decide if we should walk to the other side of the stand to discuss a recipe with you or if we should guard the cash box. We'll give you a second look if you just hang around and don't buy anything. We'll hustle to pack up at night so we don't meet you on the way to the car. 
What you won't change, however, is the faith we have in the Cincinnati community. Shortly after you helped yourself to our money, support poured in from customers and friends encouraging us to keep our chins up.  We love the energy, the diversity, the pride, and the history of Findlay Market. We love being a part of the urban atmosphere and offering a much-needed service in Over-the-Rhine. We feel appreciated by the locals, the weekend suburbanites, the other merchants, and the tourists. 
We'll assume you're going through some tough times. When things turn around for you, we hope you come back and spend your hard-earned money at Daisy Mae's Market. In the meantime, we'll be here...working hard to help YOUR community. We're digging in our heels. One bad apple isn't going to spoil the whole bunch.
Happy Thanksgiving,
Daisy Mae's Market


  1. Dear Barb and Barry,

    Jim and I are so sorry for your bad luck today. Things like this should not happen to awesome people like you all.

    Your blog post transparently demonstrates what warm-hearted, positive people you all are.

    Our best to you all.

  2. Thanks for your kind words. We honestly believe this can happen any place. We're feeling the Findlay Market love tonight so we're more determined than ever...Lots to be thankful for...Best to you and yours.

  3. Sorry this happened :( I love your positive attitude. Maybe you should put a bunch of jingle bells all over ur new cash box. Holiday spirit plus u will hear it if it moves an inch!

  4. Disappointed to hear about this, especially since my celery root payment became part of the thief's booty. I applaud your positivity and I'll be shopping there later today.

  5. Thanks, WestEnder for your support...You, too, Nikki. And I like the jingle bell idea! :-)