Wednesday, November 10, 2010

There's an App for That!

I just got back from a few days in Florida visiting my father and stepmother. The bulk of the time was spent conducting an "iPad Boot Camp" for my 86-year-old dad. I'm glad to report he was a terrific student and is now reconnected with the children, grandchildren, and the rest of the world via email and the internet.
While I was away from Daisy Mae's Market, I continued to conduct many of the tasks required by a small business...thanks to my handy-dandy iPhone. Sure, I talked and texted regularly with Mr. Daisy Mae at Findlay Market, but I also did a lot more with my phone. Not only did I continued my daily online interaction with our followers using "TweetDeck" and "Facebook," but I also took delivery orders by email and posted the orders for our staff using the "OurGroceries" application. I kept track of payments using the "Zenbe Lists" app, and for customers that wanted to pay with credit or debit, I used an app called "Credit Card Machine." I could even enter employee hours using Intuit's "Online Payroll" app while I was away from the office!
In addition, I've found several other apps invaluable for managing our fresh produce business. I regularly use "The Weather Channel," "Specialty Produce," "CincyMobile," and lots of the built-in iPhone apps like "Calendar," "Camera," "Photos," "Contacts," "Maps," "Calculator," and "Clock." I truly felt like I had a computer in my pocket while I was away from the office...And, when it was time to head back to Cincinnati, I checked in using "Fly Delta." After all, there's an app for that!


  1. Honestly, I do like my iPhone (although still technically challenged),
    but there is NO WAY that an app (if exists) will take away the shopping experience at Findlay or Daisy Mae's.
    your fave DaisyMaeologist,

  2. Thanks for the nice comments, Tom. I would never want an app to separate us from customers/friends like you! Hope to see you soon.