Sunday, May 22, 2011

Are You Bored?

My dad in Florida told me about a newspaper ad there that encouraged visitors to check out the local Flea Market. It was one of those ads that started on one page with "I was bored..." and then continued onto another page with "the other day"...followed by "so I went to"..."the Flea Market"...and "WOW!" Each part of the ad enticed the reader to go on and find the next part of the message...because you knew something good had to be at the end.
I was thinking such an ad would be perfect for Findlay Market here in Cincinnati. "I was bored...the other I went to...Findlay Market...and WOW!" Food, handcrafted items, beer, wine, music, people-watching, and more are yours for the taking if you make up your mind to put a little "Wow!" in your life. Just like the ad suggested, as you wander the aisles at Findlay Market and turn each corner to see something different, you'll be amazed at the experience. Maybe your "Wow!" at the end of your visit will be a cup of DojoGelato, a taste from Market Wines, a waffle from Taste of Belgium, or a Christian Moerlein from the Biergarten. Or maybe your "Wow!" will be a minute talking spices with Colonel De...Or perhaps your "Wow!" will be picking up a new recipe from the friendly staff at Daisy Mae's Market...
So if you're looking for something new to do, come find your "Wow!" at Findlay Market. We're open Tuesday through Sunday, year-round, and we have everything here...except boredom!

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