Saturday, May 7, 2011

If I Had a Dollar for Everyone Who Said...

Not a day goes by at Findlay Market without hearing someone say, "I haven't been here for years." Today was one of those days where excellent weather combined with special events to bring a lot of new faces to the market. While musicians played on Elder Street, the smell of fresh sausages on the grill and the thought of cold beer in the Biergarten invited people to not just shop, but to linger a while. And, yes, I heard it more than once..."Why haven't we been here sooner?"..."This is so different from when I was last here"..."We're going to come every week!"...
Old and young, native Cincinnatians and international visitors...professionals, students, families, neighborhood residents...On foot, by car, by bicycle, by bus--it seemed everyone came to Findlay Market today.
If you missed it, vow to come soon to see this special place. If you were at Findlay Market today, tell someone what you saw, smelled, heard, or tasted....and next time you visit, bring a friend.

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