Thursday, May 26, 2011

Graduation? Try Findlay Market Stress-Free Party Plan

I can't believe a year has past since we were on the whirlwind graduation circuit. Last May, our son graduated from the University of Virginia. Since then, he has completed a year of real-world employment and traveled to places I've only seen on television. A few days after his UVA graduation, our daughter graduated from high school. She has since completed a year at the University of South Carolina, expanded her horizons immensely, and continues to impress us with her ambitions and creativity. Where in the world has the year gone?
If a graduation is in your family's near future, you may be feeling not only the pressure of change at home, but you may also be feeling the stress of the celebration itself.  
To relieve some anxiety, I recommend you follow the Findlay Market Stress-Free Party Plan. These easy step-by-step directions are sure to make your graduation party a hit!

1. Go to Findlay Market. Park in one of the 3 convenient adjoining free lots, or grab a meter on the street. 
2. Decide on your main entree. We chose fajitas. We got Amish chicken breasts from Busch's Country Corner and flank steak from Mackie Meats. We marinated everything overnight. If you need help with a marinade, talk to the Colonel at Herbs & Spice. (If you prefer more of a traditional cookout with sausages, metts, or brats, check out Kroeger & Sons or Eckerlin Meats.) To make the fajitas complete, we grilled whole peppers and onions, too. 

3. For side dishes, think fresh produce. We served veggies and dip, fruit salad, slices of watermelon, tossed salad, and sweet corn. You can feed A LOT of people with fruits and vegetables at a very reasonable price. You can even call ahead to Daisy Mae's Market at 513-602-5601 and we'll package your order and have it ready for quick pick up. 

4. For dessert, choose gelato from Dojo Gelato, waffles or pastries from Taste of Belgium, or a special cake from Skirtz & Johnston. 
5. Or if you're not quite the planner that I am, just wander around until you see or smell something you like at Findlay Market. Whatever you decide to serve, it's easy to find, reasonably priced, and convenient. You'll be glad you chose one-stop shopping at Findlay Market.

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