Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

A sure sign of the approach of summer is the return of college students to their nests. Relief from exams, a scurrying to pack, and prolonged goodbyes to school friends are followed by sudden readjustment to life at home with the parents. From the student's perspective, it's nice to step away from the rigors of study and the pressures of deadlines. From the parent's perspective, it's great to have a chance to see firsthand the rewards of the college investment.
We picked Kid #2 up at the University of South Carolina this week. She has completed her second year as a Gamecock and is well on her way to a degree in business. She has jumped into college with both feet, and just trying to keep track of her extracurricular activities exhausts me. She is overflowing with new ideas and youthful enthusiasm, and we're planning to take advantage of her energy this summer. For the next three months, she'll be sharing some of my marketing and communications duties here at Daisy Mae's. Hopefully, she'll learn a few things that will benefit her as she continues her career path. More importantly, we look forward to engaging in some new processes and hearing her creative suggestions. Working alongside your parents may be a challenge, but it should prove worth it for everyone. After all, what fresh produce merchant wouldn't want some fresh ideas from time to time?

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