Sunday, May 13, 2012

Potato Salad Blues

As advertised, I'm heading the blog posts for the summer. While I do love me some good, old-fashioned South Carolina cuisine, I'm always excited to return to Cincinnati and quench my Skyline, Dojo Gelato, and Tom & Chee cravings. Beyond just the great food I can go grab in this city, I look forward to all the things I can whip up in a "big girl kitchen" (the stove in my on-campus apartment last year took literally one hour to boil water). It is torturous to be subscribed to the Food Network magazine and not be able to make anything in it for five issues. So I'm catching up. And it doesn't hurt to have parents that can deliver whatever obscure fruits and vegetables I need on demand.

When I do cook at school, I am often inspired by the one and only blog that I actually read and subscribe to: Big Girls Small Kitchen. It is made for people like me, who really, really like food but don't have the space or funds to go all out every night. The blog itself is quite user-friendly; you can find recipes by course, ingredient, season (great for shopping fresh at Findlay), dietary restriction, and about a million other filters. I found a recipe on there today that got me thinking... which brings me to the topic for the week: potato salad.

Potato salad usually is not good. You go to a summer cookout and it has been sitting on the table for like six hours and you're like, "Dang, I wonder how long mayonnaise can stay out in 85 degree weather until it becomes toxic". I attribute my instinctive avoidance of the potato salad entirely to those kinds of cookouts. But it doesn't have to be like this.

The geniuses at BGSK have created a potato salad that is... wait for it... mayonnaise-free. It is definitely something you want to add to your summer potluck repertoire. The guests will thank you. Especially if the guest is me.


  1. I love Daisy Mae's and am very excited that you are going to be helping them out this summer. They are a great place to meet new people and get the best in fresh produce year round.
    So I hate to do this but just a small critique of your recipe, the dressing you are making is actually mayonnaise. You may not be putting a spoonful of the store bought stuff but combine egg yolk, mustard and vinegar and that is basically a mayo. I LOVE potato salad with or without mayo, but if you want to make it without mayo you can try many different German style recipes with bacon grease vinegar and sugar ( I throw a packet of ranch dressing mix and parsley too). Keep the blog posts coming though and good luck!

  2. Good info. Thanks for sharing. We'd love to read your blog if you care to share the link.