Sunday, December 29, 2013

Forecast for Findlay Market

The new year at Findlay Market will begin with partly sunny skies. Even though severe storms (Cincinnati streetcar debates) have passed, occasional clouds (construction disruptions) still linger. Low pressure will struggle to reappear, but a strong front (Believe in Cincinnati) will resist. Fair weather will persist in the coming weeks, but a lack of precipitation (in the form of revenue) could be detrimental to the merchants. Nevertheless, bright and sunny dispositions will continue to attract the most loyal customers and create a calming effect as we move toward spring. 
We predict a 100% chance of blue skies (nothing but blue skies) by Reds Opening Day. The market may be flooded with activity by spring, but shopping here will still be a breeze. Throughout the summer, merchants will report sales are hot. As fall approaches, however, we anticipate interest will cool a bit. With the beginning of winter, cold waves will become common (with an occasional cold stare). Merchants featuring holiday items will see brisk activity.
In spite of the ups and downs predicted for 2014, every cloud has a silver lining. The future is bright for Findlay Market and you can be assured of one thing: We'll be keeping it fresh at Daisy Mae's

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