Sunday, December 8, 2013

Recipes: The Tie That Binds

A few years ago our family started a new Christmas tradition. I asked for a favorite recipe from each family member, and our Cooking with the Coopers book was born. I gathered the recipes and gave each member of our extended family a looseleaf book that included a few photos and comments regarding each contribution. (Note: There are many ways to make a family recipe book. I chose to use the Tastebook version of compiling our recipes just because it's easy, relatively inexpensive, and stores our recipes online for future reference.) Each year, a new (or old) recipe from each member is added to the book.
Now as our kids become young adults and our extended family spreads across the Atlantic, we still reconnect each year when the call for recipes goes out. One by one, the messages trickle in, but each one reminds me of a person, an event, or a special taste sensation that jogs my memory and reaffirms that we're all connected. Believe me, recipes can be the tie that binds. If your family hasn't found a way to connect through your favorite foods, meals, or recipes, do it now.

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