Sunday, December 15, 2013

Help! I'm Running Out of Time!

Christmas is next week, and I sense a little panic starting to set in. Traffic is picking up around the malls, people waiting in lines are starting to fidget, and the to-do lists seem to be getting longer instead of shorter. While we're supposed to be feeling peace and goodwill toward all, instead we're feeling cranky. Eight more shopping days! Seven more shopping days! Last minute sale!

How can you get it all done?

Just in time, we've created Daisy Mae's Top 7 Ways to Save Time this holiday season.

1. Order a fruit basket online from Daisy Mae's with just one click at our Square Market. (Small or large: $15-$25)
2. Purchase a gift certificate for a future Taste the World at Findlay Market food tour. (With or without wine tasting: $20-$25)
3. Pick up (or order) fresh local salsa from Daisy Mae's. ($5.50)
4. Pick up (or order) Amish jams, jellies, and butters from Daisy Mae's. ($3 each)
5. Pick up (or order) Windy Acres dried fruits, candies, and snacks from Daisy Mae's. ($2.50 each)
6. Save a stop at the grocery store by ordering fresh produce online.
7. Avoid the malls and big box stores, and shop at Findlay Market for groceries, wine, beer, gifts, and floral arrangements.

As Mr. Daisy Mae always says, "Work smarter not harder." And have a Merry Christmas!

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