Friday, January 7, 2011


It's Day 4 of our 12 Days of Healthy Foods, and we're singing the praises of the banana! Bananas are a great source of energy due to the sugar and fiber content. But don't worry---a medium banana has only about 100 calories (about the same as an apple) so it's still a good choice for a snack.
Bananas are high in potassium which is needed for proper functioning of the heart and nerves. Because bananas are also low in sodium, they're a good choice to help control blood pressure. In addition, bananas aid digestion and help absorb calcium needed to maintain healthy bones.
Researchers have discovered that the tryptophan in bananas may reduce depression. Another research study has shown that when bananas are a regular part of the daily diet, the risk of stroke is reduced by 40%.  Much work needs to be done before these studies are conclusive; however, bananas are undoubtedly one of the least expensive fruits that pack the most nutritional power.
Before the holidays, I made a Banana Banana Bread that I'd highly recommend. It's so easy to do and tastes delicious for breakfast or dessert. You'll find loads of additional banana information at Make sure to check out the Chiquita Jingle...I'm sure it will bring back memories or inspire some budding artists.
And don't forget that today, January 7, 2011, is your lucky day at Daisy Mae's Market at Findlay Market. With your $15 purchase, you'll receive a free bunch of bananas. Now isn't that ap-PEEL-ing for all you banana lovers?

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