Sunday, June 5, 2011

Taste of Cincinnati-The Sequel

Last weekend was one of Cincinnati's favorite festivals, Taste of Cincinnati. This eating extravaganza takes over downtown Cincinnati during Memorial Day weekend when sampling food and walking from vendor to vendor are the things to do. 
Yesterday when Daisy Mae's was booming with visitors buying fresh produce, it occurred to me that Findlay Market is really an everyday Taste of Cincinnati. People stroll from one stand to the next, sampling food as they explore all the tastes of the market. They discuss different flavors, try foods they've never seen, share servings that are too generous for one, and reinforce the idea that food is fun. And (gasp) they even talk to people they don't know about foods they are eating! It becomes a party atmosphere that definitely resembles the Taste of Cincinnati.
So my question is: Why wait until next May to experience a Taste of Cincinnati again? Come to Findlay Market any Tuesday through Sunday year-round to enjoy the feeling of a festival. You can eat and drink your way from Race Street to Elm Street any time of the year. What better way to get a taste of Cincinnati...

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