Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Great Grapes!

As we try to find our niche at Findlay Market, we've quickly determined that we have two kinds of customers. We have the neighborhood folks that buy in small quantities, shop often, and look for a good deal. We also have the "foodies" that seem to buy more items at one time, might only shop once a week or so, and look for specialty foods for a certain recipe they are preparing.
At Daisy Mae's, we're trying to fill both needs. For instance, we usually stock several kinds of grapes. The "everyday" grape we have today is small, red, and seedless and currently sells for $1.50/lb. We also have "Holiday" grapes today. These grapes are also red and seedless, but they are almost as round as a quarter and extra-delicious. They sell today for $2.50/lb. Both grapes are good and each serve their purpose depending on budget and personal preference.
Grapes, like all produce, are perishable. At Daisy Mae's, when we feel a product is not up to our quality standards, we move it to our "Bargain Bin." There, it's priced accordingly, and someone will find it fits their budget and needs. At Daisy Mae's, there's something for everyone!

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