Friday, November 6, 2009

Need More Hours in the Day

It didn't take us long to learn time flies when you're having fun. When we're setting up by 8:00 am and driving home at 6:00, there aren't too many hours left for taking care of the accounts, picking up produce, making signage, etc...not to mention laundry, meals, and normal stuff here at home. Good thing we've got a pretty good team.
We quickly found out the EBT (food stamp machine) is critical. We have applied for the machine, but it still could be a few weeks before we get approval. So many people are using food stamps these days, and if they don't see our "Sorry, EBT machine coming soon" sign, they sometimes have everything in their bags and are ready to pay before they find out we don't take the "card" yet. People are pretty understanding though and promise to come hopefully we can build the "cash only" business so that once we get the machine that will feel like icing on the cake.

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