Monday, November 9, 2009

Recipes, Anyone?

It's fun talking to customers about what they're going do to with the fruits and vegetables they purchase. Some people come to shop for a specific item; others just look at what's available and then start imagining what they might cook. One young woman told me she was going to try to make Apple Cinnamon Cookies. She had never made them before but thought they sounded good for a nice autumn day. She was looking for recommendations on which type of apple to buy and ended up with some Empire apples.
Another friend bought potatoes and leeks. She was planning to make soup, but ran short on time and ended up making a version of home-fried potatoes with leeks and bacon. Sounds yummy!
We're hoping some of our customers start sharing recipes. If you've found a good use for our produce, please reply to this blog and post a link to a recipe, or tell us about your latest cooking creations.
See you at Findlay Market!

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